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Management Summit – An Exclusive Platform for Decision-Makers in Innovation and Development

At our Management Summit we focus on top management issues and megatrends. This event is geared toward managers across all industries, and strives to both uncover and set new trends. During the event we cover a wide range of different topics.

Previous Management Summits

  • Management Summit 2015: Global Product Development 2015 - Adapting RnD organizations to future challenges (January 2015)
    Today's industry challenges are leading to ever increasing development complexity. But what are the challenges driving RnD and how to successfully transform RnD organizations?
    Click to download: Summary (January 2015)

  • Management Summit 2014: Highly efficient development organizations – recognizing and extending performance limits (January 2014)
    The product portfolio of technology oriented companies is growing bigger and bigger making further growth possible. Performance limits are faced, the main focus is on efficiency. But what are the characteristics of a highly efficient organization?
    Click to download: Summary (January 2014)
  • Management Summit 2012: Profitable Innovation – Growth through Innovation (October 2012)
    More and more companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring their long-term growth through innovation. But how do I decide on the right issues and which success factors are essential?
    Click to download: Summary (October 2012)

  • Management Summit 2011: Profitable Innovation – Decision-Making in Uncertain Conditions (May 2011)
    Even in times of change, successful innovations are necessary in order to achieve sustainable profitability. But what can stimulate innovation in uncertain conditions, and what specific steps can be taken to implement the necessary measures?
    Click to download: Summary (May 2011)

  • Management Summit 2010: Profitable Innovation – Prospects During the Global Financial Crisis (May 2010)
    The effects of the global financial crisis are shaping current issues in product development. What impact do megatrends have on profitable innovation? And do they change the requirements of the innovation process?
    Click to download: Summary (May 2010)



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