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Automotive: An Electrified Industry 

 The idea of emission-free driving using electric power is now starting to take shape: virtually every manufacturer is working tirelessly to get electric vehicles suitable for everyday use ready for mass production, or is continuing to make advancements to alternatives such as hydrogen-powered vehicles and fuel cells. The networked car of the future, which combines innovative information and communication technology with the world of the Internet, and also integrates consumer electronics devices, is also gaining steam. And the visions for the future stretch all the way to the “autonomous car,” which can drive itself.

Besides E/E development, further standardizing core components while simultaneously making vehicles more individualized is an important process driving innovation. In addition, identifying the markets of the future and concentrating on the core processes that make growth possible is a key strategic challenge facing automotive companies. In this context, an effective innovation and development process has proven to be the ultimate success factor that drastically reduces time to market.