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Transportation: Totally Global

Globalization and deregulation, new technologies and systems, complex supply chains, customers’ increasing demands for high standards of quality, but also the environmental challenges posed by climate and resource conservation – the transportation and logistics industry is going through a profound transformation. This has led to fierce competition, which is putting companies under significant financial pressure. As a result, it is essential that they eliminate dead freight, organize their schedules as efficiently as possible, and connect transport systems together intelligently.

The enormous cost pressure logistics companies face is one of the main aspects driving change. For vehicle manufacturers, this means developing solutions that reduce TCO (total cost of ownership). If these companies want to get on the road to success, they particularly need to offer low-cost products for the rapidly growing BRIC countries. LCCS (low-cost country sourcing) strategies can lead to significant savings. Today, however, comprehensive considerations that take additional competitive factors into account within the scope of a “best cost country sourcing” concept are more promising.

In this context, our services for the transportation sector include assisting and supporting clients in making trendsetting decisions and, as a result, successfully overcoming the market’s new challenges.