Profitable Innovation – Return on Innovation

We use systems engineering methods to develop, design, and implement value-creating innovation and product development processes and structures that measurably enhance the value of our clients’ businesses.

  • Reduced manufacturing costs / recurring costs
  • Reduced one-time costs / nonrecurring costs
  • Higher product quality and lower costs for non-quality
  • Reduced risks
  • Shorter lead times / reduced TTM (time to market)
  • More mature and streamlined processes
  • More effective organization
  • Innovation / development projects have higher projected returns and capitalized value

Unlike other management consulting firms, we focus on enhancing value in the innovation and product development process – on profitable innovation. In this context, we view optimizing strategy, performance, processes, and organizational structures as the main levers for increasing efficiency and productivity within the innovation and product development process.

Training and coaching of managers and employees in the 3DSE Academy is an important complementary measure for the promotion and expansion of specific areas of expertise in the company.

3DSE Study:
Profitable Innovation

Successful innovations are necessary in order to achieve sustainable profitability. But how do companies master the tug-of-war between innovation and cost leadership? This 3DSE study identifies levers and areas of potential for a cost-effective PEP.
Click to download: Profitable Innovation – Management Summary.