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Good Is Never Good Enough

“Anyone who stops improving has also stopped being good.” This well-known quotation points out a crucial factor in the success of any business – the ability to continuously optimize the performance of the company’s development department.

Using individually developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), 3DSE analyzes the efficiency and productivity of the innovation process, identifies waste and potential for value enhancement, and defines levers and concrete measures to increase profitability.

Typical 3DSE Services:

  • Analyzing the development department’s current performance on the basis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), benchmarking, and/or a PDP assessment
  • Identifying the most important levers for improving performance
  • Designing, implementing, and managing an effective EPI (Engineering Performance Improvement) program over the long term to address these levers
  • Comprehensively optimizing a company’s cost structure based on a total cost analysis: product/manufacturing costs, PDP costs, warranty costs
  • Typical levers:
    • Optimizing requirements
    • Optimizing variants, modular strategy
    • Reactive and preventive quality management
    • Increasing early-stage maturity, including risk governance
    • Lean product development

The Added Value for Our Clients:

+ More efficient development organization
+ Increased capitalized value of development projects
+ A leaner development organization and increased actionability

= Doing the right thing the right way: efficiency.