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About the Future of Systems Engineering

Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE) is an initiative committed to the advancement of Systems Engineering. The goal? To inspire the global community to realize INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Vision 2035. To…

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R&D Value Stream Analysis

The Value Stream Analysis is a methodology for optimizing R&D organizations and processes.It makes transparent who and how many FTEs are involved in processes & work products with direct value…

The successful path to software-centric R&D organization

As products become more digitalized, the focus for customers is shifting away from the product itself. The customer experience or solution is no longer generated exclusively by the product, but…

Expert discussion “The Future of Systems Engineering”

What are the current and future challenges industry and Systems Engineering are facing? What is the biggest contribution System Engineering could provide to overcome those challenges? What is the future…

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The 7 critical challenges in R&D organizations

An insight from the “Decoding R&D Performance” study Today, most R&D organizations are facing the question of how to increase efficiency, reduce time to market and drive innovativeness while ensuring…

Effect chain modeling as a prerequisite to meet the increasing product requirements and complexity

Influencing factors such as connectivity, autonomous driving and regulatory requirements are leading to increased product complexity and new approaches in architecture development. Modelling effect chains is the way to go…

Disruption must not be limited by the ability to deliver

How can we succeed in being able to deliver and also develop new disruptive products / solutions despite the current difficult conditions? Presentations, discussions as well as personal conversations at…

Tool-supported requirements management in shipbuilding

To ensure the fulfilment of the complex scope of contracts in major projects, it needs a consistent, tool-supported requirements management, which structures the agreed delivery items and delivery dates, and…

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Agile in a Systems Engineering World

The technical world is changing at a rapid pace. This is not only due to the emergence of new technologies, but above all to constantly changing customer requirements. Consequently, the…

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7 R&D capabilities to realize customer experiences

Delivering outstanding customer experiences will be the key for technology leaders to be successful. The solution lies in the design and realization of “Systems of Systems”. And changing from a…

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Key Success Factors for Product Lifecycle Management Introduction

“All product data over the entire lifecycle in one central location”. That is the basic idea behind a Product Lifecycle Management system. For many organizations, the introduction of a PLM…

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Agile Reorganization – Riding the agile wave of change … again

Best practices to manage the transition towards your Agile Organization 2.0 To manage the prevailing change, many companies embarked on the agile journey in the last years. Some established working…

What are Key Success Factors of today’s Management of Software-intensive System Development?

What are the key success factors of today’s management of software-intensive system development?This question has been discussed by an exclusive circle of CTOs from different companies across industries during our…

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