F&E Optimieren

Optimizing R&D

We help you take the speed, efficiency, and maturity of your R&D to an entirely new level.

Optimizing my R&D
Produktwert steigern

Increasing Product Value

We place the focus on your customers and maximize the value of your products and services.

Increasing my Product Value
Systems Engineering

Mastering Systems Engineering

With our unique systems engineering approach, you can master the development of complex systems and services.

Mastering my Systems Engineering
Innovation beschleunigen

Accelerating Innovation

We make innovation profitable. In a short time we generate breakthrough solutions with you – for a superior innovation portfolio.

Accelerating my Innovation

Our world of R&D

R&D Insights

Vier Schlüsselfaktoren für erfolgreiche Partnerschaften in IoT-Ökosystemen

Wie in jeder Beziehung gilt es, gerade auch bei Unternehmenskooperationen einiges zu beachten, damit aus der „Liebe auf den erste...

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Expert Forums

AI as a core technology of R&D 4.0 2019

29.03.2019 | Smartvillage, München


AI as a core technology of R&D 4.0 – Which realisitc chances and potential does i...

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Simulation-based Workshop on Agile Scaling

Discover in our simulation-based workshop how agile methods and scaling models can significantly improve the productivity, flexib...

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Agile Scaling and Transformation of R&D

19.10.2018 | Künstlerhaus München

Agile Scaling and Transforamtion in R&D – How can R&D-focused companies succeed in scaling agile apraoches and prin...

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Our Studies
3DSE Kurzstudie - Ist Ihr Kunden- und Produktservice fit für die Zukunft?

Digitized Customer and Product Service

Is your customer and product service ready for the future? How companies unleash the benefits from digitalization to improve product...

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Long Study
Leitstudie robot hand

Lead Study


Digitalization − Opportunities and challenges for R&D 2021

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