How to calculate the profitability of a platform strategy



How to calculate the profitability of a platform strategy? Which input parameters of the platform business case are needed? What are relevant levers? How to verify the calculation framework? When does the platform strategy reach the break-even point and what are the overall savings?

Our current infographic describes the key input parameters to consider, provides an overview of relevant levers, suggests when and how to verify the calculation framework, and finally shows how to evaluate the results to present the profitability of the platform strategy.

Please download the detailed infographic below.

Manuel Stephan

Manuel Stephan was a Senior Consultant at 3DSE Management Consultants GmbH in Munich. With more than nine years of experience in R&D and consulting, he has supported companies in transforming and shaping their R&D to tackle todays challenges. His core competencies lie in agile development (scaling and transformation), platform and modularization strategies, and optimization of R&D. He has acquired superior industry experience in automotive, motorcycle, agricultural vehicles and the plant engineering sector.