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The subject of digitalization is more relevant than ever for companies in the high-tech industries. But how will digitalization change our future and how can we successfully manage the digital transformation? Which digital challenges will be relevant for the R&D of the future?
With our study, we want to decipher success patterns for digitalization and recommend solutions for digital challenges in R&D. From a total of 76 interviews with decision-makers, managers, and experts from R&D within high-tech companies, we were able to derive substantial key insights on the subject of digitalization, which are discussed in detail within our study.

Lead study

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Our study in a nutshell

Which are the most substantial insights on the digitalization of R&D? Which differences exist between the “old economy” and the “digital economy”? Which patterns regarding strategic directions, approaches or behaviors can be identified in the implementation of digital transformation? And which strategic direction can be recommended in order to digitalize R&D? Our infographic provides answers to the most striking questions at a glance.

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