Systems Engineering Benchmarking Study

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Compare with leading R&D organizations

Established OEMs and Tier1 suppliers in the automotive industry are facing major challenges in three areas: new technologies, increasingly complex requirements, new ways of working together.

The trend is toward complex and software-based systems that must meet stringent regulatory requirements. Systems Engineering (SE) has proven to be a sustainable approach for dealing with complex systems and requirements.

With this study, we offer executives an industry comparison and also best practices and levers for “Systems Engineering Excellence.” Download our SE study here: Download our SE study here:

Facts & Figures

  • Target audience: CTOs and experienced R&D leaders of technology-driven international organizations with an automotive focus. Systems Engineering Senior Leaders from OEMs and Tier1 suppliers in the automotive industry
  • Participating companies: 12 companies, 6 OEMs & 6 Tier1 suppliers.
  • Method: Questionnaire based on SE capabilities, quantitative assessments and qualitative collection of best practices.


  • Systems Engineering benchmark and best practices for organization, processes, people and culture.
  • Insights to improve and adapt an existing systems engineering approach.
  • Measures to achieve “Systems Engineering Excellence” in the automotive industry.

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