Agile Systems Engineering

Mastering complex product development.

Increasing complexity as well as growing software shares in product development pose great challenges to R&D organizations. Managing this complexity throughout the entire lifecycle makes all the difference today more than ever.

What is agile systems engineering?

Systems Engineering (SE) offers a systemic approach to product development in order to make complex interrelationships understandable and manageable. Systems Engineering is a holistic approach that develops systems thinking and consistently aligns product architecture, methods & processes, organization and IT tooling with customer value and the business model. The goal is to achieve an overall optimum for the "system of interest".

Agile Systems Engineering combines the systematic and structured approach with the incremental agile approach. Increased team empowerment and working in a sprint rhythm go hand in hand with requirements management, a move into product architecture, and verification and validation. Customer feedback is also used continuously to develop adaptively and in a targeted manner.

Both approaches complement each other perfectly, but must be brought into the right balance of each organization.

Do these questions sound familiar?

How do we align our development end-to-end with customer value?

How do we synchronize the different clocks in software, hardware and mechanics?

How do we combine a modern, agile approach with the systems engineering philosophy?

How do we make our development future-proof for business models in the System of Systems?

How do we gain the necessary system expertise and SE mindset to manage future complexity and make far-reaching system architecture decisions?

How do we evolve from a component supplier to a system provider?

There are different approaches for the development of complex products, which have their specific strengths and conditions depending on the requirements. In order to develop the right solution for your needs, it is important to combine the characteristics of systems engineering and agile principles and methods in a targeted manner.

Core features of agile systems engineering


To realize your systems engineering capabilities, we develop customized solutions. To ensure the best possible fit and direct implementability of the solution, we work closely with our customers in the process. With more than 20 years of experience in systems engineering, 3DSE is one of the leading consultancies for the development of complex technical systems.


Many of our customers have successfully implemented the agile system engineering approach in their company. Here you will find selected customer reports.

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