Consulting Approach

R&D management consulting with character.

Our high-impact consulting approach is unlike anything you've seen before: We combine behavioral orientation with outstanding expertise of cross-industry R&D best practices. With our 3DSE concept, we create customized solutions to meet your future challenges of profitable innovation and product development.


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Digitization in high-tech industries

Digitization poses challenges for technology companies and at the same time opens up opportunities for innovation. How can companies successfully exploit the potential of digitization? Striking the right balance between innovation and efficiency is crucial. As part of the WELT Global Thought Leader series, our consultants and our customers share their experiences and provide insights into implemented solution approaches.

Focus of our R&D

consulting services: People

We believe the key to any successful change lies mainly in the organization itself. That's why we anticipate taking people along with us in the transformation process and enable them to think in a new way. What do we do differently? We take a behavioral approach to the consulting process, and look for emergent solutions. In this way, we avoid the "not invented here" effect and give the change process the necessary "boost." Our method creates sustainable change and enables you to walk the way yourself.

Our teams of consultants make the difference

3DSE offers you a special spirit. With technical expertise and hands-on mentality, we work together with you for the successful transformation: highly committed, always at eye levell and with the right mix of consistent top-down decisions and joint mobilization of the entire organization.

Best R&D advice through best practices

We continuously feed our experience into our "Living Database" in order to provide the perfect state-of-the-art solutions for you. What is often underestimated? Not only competitors in your own industry have relevant R&D competencies to offer. For this reason, we specifically transfer the best practices from different high-tech industries that are suitable for your development organization.

The targeted use of cross-industry R&D best practices enables us to design customized concepts. Through a minimally invasive approach, only those recipes for success are specifically "injected" into the organizations that are truly relevant and can be meaningfully combined with existing strengths.

We are not into dogma

Together with you, we develop a suitable program for extensive yet fast implementation of the solutions and support you during its realization. Agile or classic? We’re not into dogma and believe in combining the best of both worlds to help you achieve your goal as quickly and effectively as possible.

We train what we advise

Our passion is optimizing and transforming R&D for results. We empower people in the transformation process to think in new ways by taking a behavioral approach. With our proven and highly effective training programs, we sharpen the skills of your organization and raise systems competency to a new level.

Over the past 10 years, more than 5,000 participants have successfully completed our simulation-based training programs for systems engineering, project management and other R&D work areas.