Innovation Acceleration

Realize profitable innovations.

Innovation accelerations are gaining in importance due to technical, economic, as well as social change. Disruptive innovations are novel products, services, or business models that radically change existing industries or entire markets and (sometimes) develop faster than the needs of customers. They bring versatile challenges for (R&D) organizations, but at the same time ensure sustainable business success in the future by creating competitive advantages and fostering the growth of an organization.

Stay two steps ahead with your R&D innovations

In order to successfully implement disruptive innovations on an ongoing basis, targeted innovation management is crucial. Together with you, we generate breakthrough solutions for a superior innovation portfolio in the shortest possible time and make your innovations profitable.

Do you recognize your pressing questions here?

How can we create innovation acceleration ?

How can we radically shorten the time to bring innovative products and services to market?

Is our innovation pipeline sufficiently filled so that we can continue to grow profitably in the future?

How can successful innovation approaches be implemented sustainably?

What are the right innovation capabilities and how do we build them?

Depending on your business strategy and your previous innovation activities, we help you design and implement 4 key elements to continuously realize profitable innovation. We design or revise your innovation strategy together with you, we help you master your innovation and technology portfolio, and we radically accelerate your innovation initiatives, and we optimize your "engine" for innovation.

4 key elements for the successful realization of your innovation


Design innovation strategy

Together with you, we develop a future-proof innovation strategy based on internal and external factors, such as market and technology trends, strengths or "white spots," as a basis for the realization of profitable innovations.

Accelerate & scale innovation strategy

Our innovation experts use proven methods to help you successfully turn your innovation into reality. We develop product or business model prototypes to iteratively validate your innovation hypothesis.

Mastering innovation & technology portfolios

We support you in optimizing your innovation and technology portfolio so that you bet on the right horses and maximize your portfolio and company value.

Optimizing the engine for innovation

We help you optimize your entire "innovation engine," including processes and capabilities, to continuously implement profitable innovations and develop a sustainable innovation culture.


Many of our customers have successfully implemented disruptive innovations in their companies. Here you will find selected customer reports.

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