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Complexity in large-scale projects

Expert Forum Hamburg 2022

06. May 2022

Historischer Speicherboden, Hamburg

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More and more major projects, especially those with public-sector clients, are running off schedule and, in parallel, often out of budget. What is the reason for this trend? Can the complexity of such projects with their multitude of stakeholders, technological and economic challenges still be managed – and if so, how? What are best practices to follow to be successful?

Public clients such as procurement authorities, the users and the industry have to find solutions how to implement future projects in a much shorter time frame at reasonable costs despite the constant increase in requirements. The industry is faced with the challenge of assuming system responsibility for an increasingly complex overall system.

In the supply industry, a change from equipment supplier to system supplier is taking place. The extensive regulations and bureaucratic constraints on the procurement side create hurdles that make rapid project initiation and implementation much more difficult. In order to provide users with innovative, tradable systems, framework conditions must be adapted or redesigned. Industry must take a leading role in providing impetus for this.

In our expert forum, practical contributions from different perspectives and industries were used to discuss previous experiences with complex large-scale projects and to identify success factors for their controllability.

You can find the results on our Summary Card.

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