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Increasing R&D Performance between Deliverability vs. Disruption

Expert Forum Vienna 2022

22. Sep 2022

Talent Garden, Wien


Increasing R&D performance in the area of conflict between deliverability vs. disruption – how do I manage to be deliverable and develop new disruptive products / solutions despite the current difficult framework conditions?

R&D organizations today are in a constant state of tension: they must be innovative as well as deliver as planned and conform to external and internal requirements. In particular, the current framework conditions pose major challenges to the performance of R&D: due to difficulties in the supply chain (lack of predictability, obsolescence of parts) as well as the tightening of legal regulations (sustainability, CO2), high expenditures flow into product lifecycle management and the maintenance of delivery capability to customers. At the same time, it is important to increase innovation capability in order to successfully launch disruptive solutions in the ecosystem with increased mechatronics/software shares at a high frequency.

The following key questions were the focus of the keynote speeches and discussions at our expert forum:

  1. What are the central, current challenges in the area of tension between delivery capability vs. disruption?
  2. What levers do successful companies use to increase R&D performance?
  3. What are typical success patterns to consider when designing the R&D Operating Model (processes, methods, tools)?
  4. What are the consequences for the R&D setup? What competencies do I need to successfully develop disruptive solutions in the ecosystem?

The results can be found on our Summary Card.

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