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Innovation Incubators

Expert Forum Munich 2020

18. Sep 2020

Smartvillage, München

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How do we explore, validate and launch innovations for our business of tomorrow?

Many companies have already gained a lot of experience with innovation incubators such as corporate incubators, innovation accelerators, innovation labs and innovation collaborations. It often turns out that the realization of sustainably profitable innovations is difficult and the quick visibility of success is challenging. What are key challenges, success factors and patterns for innovation incubators and the realization of profitable innovations? How to recognize game changing innovations? When and how do you set the focus for the right topics? And what leadership, culture and people do I need for successful innovation?

In our expert forum, practical contributions from different perspectives and industries were used to discuss previous experiences with innovation incubators and to identify success factors for innovation incubators that make the difference.

You can find the results on our Summary Card.

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