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R&D Management Conference 2024

Speed, Efficiency, Innovation: Keys to Competitiveness

19. Sep 2024

Highlight Towers Desgin Offices München


Are you ready to propel your organization to new heights of success? Join us for a transformative one-day event focused on the essential pillars of modern competitiveness: speed, efficiency, and innovation. Hosted by 3DSE, renowned experts in R&D and innovation, this conference is tailor-made for Engineering Executives like you – CTOs, Engineering SVPs, Engineering Directors, and beyond.

Why Attend?

  • Gain Insights: Discover cutting-edge strategies to accelerate R&D cycles, streamline processes, and foster a culture of innovation within your organization.
  • Network: Connect with like-minded industry leaders, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections that could shape the future of your business.
  • Practical Solutions: Walk away with actionable tactics and frameworks to implement immediately, driving tangible results for your company.

Key Questions to be addressed:

  • How can we optimize R&D setups to achieve greater speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality?
  • What strategies are successful companies employing to foster a culture of innovation and stay ahead of the curve?
  • How can we leverage emerging technologies to enhance our competitive edge in the market?
  • What role does effective leadership play in driving innovation and ensuring long-term success?
  • How can we overcome common challenges in managing R&D projects and resources effectively?

When: Thursday, 19 of September 2024, 9:00 am – 05:30 pm,
Where: Highlight Towers Design Offices Munich

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools needed to lead your organization to unparalleled success.

The final speaker- line-up and registration link will be available, soon.

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