The successful way to a software-centric R&D organization

11.11.2022Smartvillage, Ganghoferstraße 66b, 80339 München

About the event

Expert Forum: “The successful way to a software-centric R&D organization”


Due to the increasing digitization of products, the product is moving more and more into the background for the customer. The customer experience or the solution is no longer generated by the product alone, but rather from the interaction of software, E/E and hardware as well as in-house solutions and solutions from other companies. The main driver of innovation and differentiation is the software. It is the reason for the current, enormous changes towards more software-centric R&D organizations.

This implies changes in the way products are developed, in the speed of product updates that customers are expecting, in the required competence up to the development of new business models. At this year’s Munich Expert Forum we will share and discuss practices for successful development of software-centric products as well as the necessary changes for R&D organizations.


The following core questions will be the focus of the keynote speeches and discussions at our expert forum::

  1. What challenges do today’s R&D departments face in the development of software-centric products?
  2. How can the software (SW) be decoupled from the hardware (HW) in the architecture in the best possible way?
  3. What can a SW-centric development process look like that also ensures synchronization and integration of HW, E/E and SW?
  4. How can agile SW development be reconciled with the classic hardware & E/E development of safety-critical systems?
  5. What are success patterns and solution approaches in the design of software-centric R&D (processes, methods, tools)?
  6. What do you have to watch out for during the transformation?

In our expert forum, we would like to discuss with you the challenges, levers and best practices for the development of software-centric products and the R&D organizations of the future on the basis of exciting contributions from different perspectives and industries.

The circle of participants of the expert forum consists of selected experts from various industries – the number of participants is therefore limited. Participation is free of charge.


The results can be found on our Summary Card:

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Our video gives a small impression of the atmosphere of our expert forums.