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Take the first step to establish a lean and efficient product development.

Increasing complexity and connectivity of products often lead to increasingly complex product development processes. The LEAN philosophy, which can be applied not only in production, but also in product development as “LEAN Engineering”, enables a holistic streamlining of your R&D setup. What exactly is a lean Engineering? The definition of LEAN Engineering includes all activities, processes and methods, which enable lean and therefore fast product development in a company. The LEAN concept is based on delivering the highest possible value to internal and external customers while eliminating waste. Our customer-proven 3DSE LEAN Engineering Training is the first step to establish this LEAN mindset in your company to increase the overall efficiency of your R&D setup.

The following questions are in focus:

    1. What is LEAN and what does LEAN Engineering mean?
    2. What LEAN principles are there and are they applicable to my product development?
    3. Which tools and methods are there in the context of LEAN Engineering?
    4. How does LEAN Engineering help me to reduce my development time and optimize my customer value?
    5. How can I detect and eliminate waste in engineering?
    6. What measures can I derive to deal with LEAN in the future?

“LEAN is not a one-time activity, but a basic way of thinking that needs to be anchored in people’s minds!”

The 3DSE LEAN Engineering Training is geared towards all employees and executives in product development who would like to get to know the benefits and fundamental principles of LEAN Engineering and are interested in Lean methods in R&D and would like to apply them in the company.

The special aspect of our 3DSE LEAN Engineering Training is that the participants get the opportunity to experience different methods (e.g. frontloading, waste analysis, 6S, Kaizen, etc.) in individual and group exercises. The training consists of an introduction to theory, sensitization to LEAN (in particular LEAN Engineering), various exercises as well as reflection and transfer of learning content.


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Where and when?

In consultation with you, please feel free to contact us.


How much will it cost?

Regular Rate:              590,00 EUR / Participant
Prices excl. VAT

The training fee covers the event including snacks in the training breaks as well as lunch with beverages for all three days and complete training material.
The Training will be held in German or English. Training material is in English.

The training is limited to 12 participants. The minimum number of participants is 6 people.
For further information and an individual offer, please feel free to contact us.

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