R&D Management Conference 2021

17.09.2021ATLAS Design Offices, Munich

About the event

R&D Organization in 2021 and beyond: Turning towards the Future


RnD Conference


What does the future of R&D look like?
This is a high-impact topic that R&D executives as well as leaders responsible for transformation, change, or innovation programs currently have to address. Of course, no one can see into the future, but we can observe and analyze trends, tendencies, and probabilities. Gain new insights and, with colleagues from various high-tech industries, take a look at today’s product development in the context of future challenges.

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Speakers overview

Dr. Udo Scheff, Speaker 3DSE R&D Management Conference 2021
Dr. Udo Scheff
John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Silke Maurer_BSH
Dr. Silke Maurer
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
Thomas Kamla_VW AG_F&E Leitkonferenz 2021
Thomas Kamla
Volkswagen AG
Claudia Kessler_R&D Management Conference 2021
Claudia Kessler
Astronautin GmbH
Dr. Stefan Wenzel and Dr. Armin Schulz
3DSE Management Consultants GmbH


You can look forward to top-class lectures about cutting edge topics with speakers from leading companies.

    • 08.00 am
    • Registration & Check-In

    • 09.00 am
    • Opening and Welcome

    • 09.30 am
    • Presentation
      “Decoding R&D performance: Success patterns of high-performance organizations”

      Dr. Stefan Wenzel & Dr. Armin Schulz
      Founders & Managing Directors
      3DSE Management Consultants GmbH


      “From Products to Solutions – John Deere’s Smart Industrial Operating Model”

      Dr. Udo Scheff
      Director, Small & Mid Tractor Engineering
      John Deere GmbH & Co.KG

    • 11.00 am
    • Coffee Break and Networking

    • 11.30 am
    • Presentation
      “Lead courageously like an astronaut – What skills will be important for leaders in the future?”

      Claudia Kessler
      Astronautin GmbH

    • 12.15 pm
    • Lunch Break and Networking

    • 01.30 pm
    • Interactive Slot

      Roundtable Discussion

    • 02.45 pm
    • Presentation
      “Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Transformation – BSH on its way to a provider of Smart Appliances and Services.”

      Dr. Silke Maurer
      Chief Operating Officer
      BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

    • 03.30 pm
    • Coffee Break and Networking

    • 04.00 pm
    • Presentation
      “Function oriented Systems Engineering as key enabler for the new “Trinity” product platform”

      Thomas Kamla
      Senior Director Compliance und Process Management (EZ)
      Volkswagen AG

    • 05.00 pm
    • Summary and Conference Wrap-Up

    • 05.30 pm
    • Official End and Good-Bye

More details

Our past R&D Management Conferences have been resounding successes. The best way to get an idea of the unique spirit of our conference is to see for yourself!

Please note: The following video footage was recorded in 2017. It shows our conference setting at a time when COVID-19 did not yet exist. For this year’s conference, we will ensure that the setting complies with all required hygiene and safety measures at the time of the event to enable maximum protection of your health.


What is the topic of the R&D Management Conference 2021?

The world faces major challenges in 2021: COVID-19, protectionism, trade disputes, and other uncertainties creating difficult conditions. Now more than ever, businesses need to critically examine their operating models to determine how to reduce complexity and enable maximum efficiency and speed. At the same time, developments such as digitalization, electrification, autonomy, or connectivity are pushing for massive transformation. This change can only be managed with the help of new R&D approaches and game-changing innovations.

Companies are challenged with equally addressing stability and efficiency in successful businesses on the one hand, and transformational changes of entire organizations to manage promising but risky business opportunities on the other hand.

R&D executives need to communicate the change now, give strategic direction, provide the right impulses, and lead the way for their organizations.


What to expect at our R&D Management Conference?

At our R&D Management Conference, we take a critical look at R&D in 2021 and beyond and discuss potential success patterns for future R&D organizations. We will focus on answering the following questions:

  1. How to set up R&D organizations in the right balance?
  2. How to transform R&D towards new business opportunities?
  3. What are key levers to successfully transform R&D organizations?
  4. How to lead through the transformation?
  5. What key learnings and success factors can we leverage from others?

Take this opportunity to spend a day in focused and comprehensive discussions and insightful presentations with top R&D executives and leaders!


The R&D Management Conference 2021 will be held in English.


Who will you meet at the R&D Management Conference?

Our conference is aimed at international top-level executives and decision makers from R&D as well as related key functions in high-technology industries, such as automotive, commercial/rail vehicles, aerospace/defense, mechanical/plant engineering, (consumer) electronics, telecommunications, IT and software, energy/utilities, and health tech.


3 reasons why you should attend the 3DSE R&D Management Conference:


1. Stay on the pulse of R&D

The 3DSE R&D Management Conference is Germany’s only digitization conference that focuses on research and development. Digitization is drastically changing our economy; this is now clear to most companies. But what impact do the facets of digitization and increasing complexity have on R&D in particular? This is exactly what the 3DSE R&D Management Conference will address, discussing current, state-of-the-art R&D from a critical 360 degree perspective in the context of current and future challenges. With your participation, you will actively shape the future of R&D!

2. Network across industry boundaries

Meet the “who’s who” of R&D decision makers at the 3DSE R&D Management Conference and expand your network! How are digital challenges in R&D addressed in other industries? Can I transfer this to my industry? Take this opportunity to spend a day of intensive discussions and insightful presentations with 80 other top R&D executives from leading companies in various industries—discuss challenges and opportunities for R&D in the context of digitization, exchange experiences, and develop your personal network!

3. Discover trailblazing insights on red-hot topics

Every year the 3DSE R&D Management Conference is dedicated to current topics addressing key trends in R&D. In their presentations, our world-class speakers provide exclusive insights into their own best practices in dealing with these topics. Understand the digitization of R&D from a variety of perspectives and draw valuable conclusions for your own work. Let yourself be inspired and receive experience-based answers to your most pressing questions!


Please note that there are security risks inherent when transmitting data on the Internet. Your information will be saved until further notice and only used to process your request. It will not be given to third parties.

Terms of Payment:

The participation fee (plus VAT) includes the conference participation, materials, and conference catering (incl. refreshments during breaks, lunch, and all drinks). After registration, you will receive a binding confirmation of your registration and an invoice. Free cancellation of your registration is possible in writing until 20 August 2021. Cancellations received by 03 September 2021 will be subject to a fee of 50% of the participation fee. In case of a later cancellation, the participation fee will be due in full. It is however possible to name a substitute participant. This requires written notice.


Accomodation near Conference Location

  • gambino hotel

    (850 m from ATLAS Design Offices)
    Phone: + 49 89 998280611

  • Residence Inn by Marriot München Ostbahnhof
    (1,2 km from ATLAS Design Offices
    Phone: +49 89 904210500

  • F&E Konferenz Motel One

    Motel One München Haidhausen
    (650 m from ATLAS Design Offices)
    Phone: +49 8990421860

Note: During the event, photographs and videos will be taken that are potentially used for event coverage and general public relations work published in various media.