R&D Management Conference 2023


About the event

“Mastering the Successful Transformation Towards a Resilient R&D”

Enterprises face multiple pressures from outside to significantly transform itself. Decarbonization and the shift towards sustainability, even enforced by ESG (environmental, social, governmental) criteria from capital markets, drives multiple technological options into the future portfolios and thus creates high portfolio complexity.

The search for the best talents pushes new work models and spreads the site footprint to wherever talent is available. Globalization challenges have raised the need to rethink supply chains in terms if their robustness and their sustainability. New legislations push the need for a faster technological transition or enforce the rethinking of site decisions in the context of local content. Currently big markets might be a future risk and ask for a more resilient and balanced market portfolio.Those dynamic shifts accumulated ask more than ever for a transformation of current R&D setups in almost every aspect.

What to epect at our R&D Management Conference?

At our R&D management conference we want to share and discuss practices for a successful transformation:

  • How are all those shifts influencing the organization and its setup?
  • What is the impact on product and service development?
  • What transformational patterns do we observe?
  • How to enable the R&D to handle the increasing technological, portfolio, site, supply chain, and legislation complexity?
  • How to prepare the R&D to be “weather-proof” and resilient for whatever scenario?
  • How to enable a rapid and successful transformation?


Take this opportunity to spend a day in focused and comprehensive discussions and insightful presentations with top R&D executives and leaders! The R&D Management Conference 2023 will be held in English. The event information with agenda will be provided here, soon.

Who will you meet at the R&D Management Conference?

Our conference is aimed at international top-level executives and decision makers from R&D as well as related key functions in high-technology industries, such as automotive, commercial/rail vehicles, aerospace/defense, mechanical/plant engineering, (consumer) electronics, telecommunications, IT and software, energy/utilities, and Medtech.


Participation Fee

The participation fee for the R&D Management Conference 2023 is € 790,- and includes the conference participation, the materials and the conference catering (incl. snacks and lunch as well as all drinks). You will be able to purchase an Early Bird Ticket at the price of € 590,- if you book by April 30, 2023.
After registration you will receive a binding confirmation of your registration as well as an invoice. Cancellation of your registration free of charge is possible in writing until May 26, 2023. In case of cancellation until June 9, 2023, a fee of 50% of the participation fee will be charged. In case of a later cancellation, the participation fee will be due in full. However, it is possible to name a substitute participant. This requires written notification.


Impressions of the past R&D Management Conferences

Trends and topics pointing the way to the future, varied presentations by top-class speakers and intensive exchange: The sixth R&D Management Conference was a big success. We are therefore already looking forward to the conference in 2023! The best way to experience the special spirit of our conference is to come and see for yourself:


Impressionen der RnD Management Conference 2021


Speakers overview

Jan Biermann, Executive Vice President Technology
d&b audiotechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Ralf Klädtke, Chief Technology Officer
TE Transportation Solutions
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