Development of an innovative service portfolio for the future-oriented issue of efficiency management

Case Study ias Aktiengesellschaft


With the support of 3DSE, we succeeded in quickly confronting the challenging topic of efficiency management and raising it to a completely new level. I am absolutely convinced by the Innovation Cell approach!


Dr. Alexandra Schröder-Wrusch,
Board member of ias Aktiengesellschaft

The ias Group, which operates throughout Germany as a service provider in health management, implements traditionally legally required occupational health services for its customers – corporations and mid-size companies. The need for health services in these companies is, however, experiencing major changes. Organizational health and preventive approaches are increasingly turning into a competitive advantage that companies can strategically exploit when the issues are addressed systematically and for the long term. Furthermore, companies no longer only require individual services in the areas of occupational medicine, safety, or psychology, but rather integrated solutions of individual components that work seamlessly together and are easily and flexibly available to the companies.

This is exactly where the ias Group wanted to start with an innovative project on the subject of “Integrated Solutions and Efficiency Management.”

“Historically, we have been strongly influenced by addressing customer-specific requests,” Schröder-Wrusch said, indicating that ias had hardly any experience in systematically designing new and innovative services for anticipated scenarios.     “We were therefore specifically looking for external expertise in this area that was applicable to us. After a long search, we found what we were looking for at 3DSE.”

Using the 3DSE “Innovation Cell” approach, an interdisciplinary team could develop within a short period of time an innovative service portfolio for the future-oriented issue of performance management. In subsequent workshops with individual business units, the topics were put into concrete terms and integrated into an implementation program for developing the new services.

“Establishing a continuous development of innovative services analogous to product development in high-tech industries is the next step for us, which we also would like to address with 3DSE,” Schröder-Wrusch continued. “It’s a long road before we are operating at a level similar to leading innovators such as Bosch or BMW, but we are confident that we can get there with the support of 3DSE.”

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