Who we consult

Specialization meets industry diversity.

We consult corporations and large, medium-sized companies in high-tech industries that offer engineered products, complex services, or digital business models.

Our clients are often leaders in their industries, yet they still want to improve. This is particularly necessary in today's world, as all technology-driven industries are facing enormous challenges due to digitization, increasing complexity, and pressure to innovate.

Specialization meets industry diversity

The challenges and the associated problems differ greatly. Yet, in our daily consulting practice, we find again and again that there is tremendous transfer potential, especially between the various industries. What looks different at first glance can be the breakthrough solution after a second look. And this is exactly where we start.

Working with the best – This challenges and drives us, not only to trust the best practices of today, but also to work on the best practices of tomorrow.


Aerospace is a growth industry with high R&D budgets. The need for environmentally friendly innovations are driving the growth of civil aviation. We support customers in R&D optimization, digital transformation, and the implementation of scalable product building blocks.


The automotive industry is a global growth industry in transformation due to the challenges of carbon neutrality, electrification, connectivity, mobility ecosystems, and autonomous driving. We guide our clients in mastering system and organizational complexity and customer-centric and agile alignment, and data consistency in development.

Defense & Security

The defense and security industry is characterized by a wide range of dependencies, such as national budgets, political relationships with customers and the global political situation. At the same time, it is one of the innovation drivers of the economy. We provide support in setting up future-proof R&D in multinational defense projects, mastering increasing complexity, and establishing innovative and sustainable product portfolios.

Electronics & Consumer Goods

The electronics industry is digitizing and networking its products, creating new business areas, and services. We help our clients identify innovations, manage complexity, and transform into an agile development organization.

Energy & Chemicals

The energy industry faces a trilemma: security of supply, sustainability, and affordable energy. New, agile, and innovative business models are necessary. We support energy clients in digital transformation, strategic innovation projects, model-based R&D, scalable architectures, and systems engineering adoption.

Medical Devices

The health tech industry is highly innovative and changing due to digitalization and biotechnology. Companies face challenges in rapid product development while managing risk and quality control. We support our customers in innovation development, agile transformation and the design of scalable architectures.

Industrial Machinery

The industry is struggling with intense competition due to globalization. Efficiency and innovation are important to maintain know-how and technological leadership. We support our customers in sustainably optimizing a global R&D setup, increasing agility, and efficiency as well as high development speed.

Mobile Machines

Transportation industry: automation, zero emissions, and digitalization require radical changes. We help our customers develop innovative business models, become agile, and create digital transportation solutions to compete globally.


Many of our customers have successfully implemented projects with us in their companies. Here you will find selected customer reports from various industries.

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