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The world depends on people who do more than their duty

Ewald Balser

As a company and as people we are always aware that we not only bear responsibility for our clients and our projects; we also have a responsibility to society. This is why we get involved above and beyond simply fulfilling our professional obligations.

Pro Bono Project for “Plant-for-the-Planet”

In addition to our sports promotion, the subject of environmental and climate protectionis also very important to us. The reason for this is simple: The health of our planet is the foundation for the existence of our civilization and is thus also indirectly a basic prerequisite for practicing our careers as consultants in the form we know today in general.

A climate protection project that started in Germany that we found particularly inspiring is the youth initiative “Plant-for-the-Planet.” The idea behind it is as simple as it is effective: Children want to plant trees to help balance CO2levels on their own. In 2007 Felix Finkbeiner, who was nine years old at the time, founded the initiative together with children from over 100 countries. It was the start of a global movement in which children around the world could get involved for their future.

With the UN climate conference in Paris 2015, the 1.5° mark was stipulated. If the 1.5° limit is to be met, burning fossil fuels will have to stop completely by 2040 and the energy supply will have to be entirely converted to renewable energies.

Plant-for-the-Planet is convinced that the 1.5° limit will only be met with the help of massive reforestation. By planting 1,000 billion trees by 2020, the children’s and youth initiative has set an ambitious goal. One million children around the world are expected to hear about the idea behind the initiative in one-day workshops where they are educated to become ambassadors for climate justice.

The global network, Junior Chamber International (JCI) recently selected Felix Finkbeiner (19) as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World 2016.”.


Plant for the planet

Felix Finkbeiner also greatly impressed us with his inspiring mission. This is why we have supported Plant-for-the-Planet since the beginning of 2016 on a pro bono basis for the achievement of the set goals.

In doing this, we do what we do best: consult. Our contribution involves the areas of strategy formation, process design, and on finding innovative approaches to achieving goals.

Would you also like to make a contribution?

Visit the Plant-for-the-Planet home page




Do you also want to help?
By clicking on the red button “Pflanze mit” (“Donate Trees”) on our 3DSE tree counter, you will help us reach the 5,000 trees and keep our promise.


Sponsoring KA-RaceIng – pole position with 3DSE

Product development and innovation are key components of our DNA, and promoting students and young talents in this field is particularly important to us. Since 2016, we have therefore been supporting an especially fast and impressive student initiative: KA-RaceIng.

3DSE Sponsoring for KA-RaceIng

Every year, 80 students from Karlsruhe pool their knowledge and compete to design and manufacture top-class formula racing cars. We are supporting KA-RaceIng’s team with our know-how and are helping them achieve their ambitious goals in the international Formula Student design competition.

Each year, the aspiring engineers of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with their three racing cars compete with teams from all over the world. To this end, they travel to the major Grand Prix circuits, from Hockenheim to Shanghai and Michigan and present their vehicles to an expert jury. The vehicles, one with an internal combustion engine, one with four electric motors, and a driverless vehicle, accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. They are made largely from self-made CFRP components, have sophisticated aerodynamics, and can navigate autonomously through a course of cones using cameras and laser scanners.

Successful teams have to be able to prove themselves and their creativity at all times. It’s not the fastest vehicle that wins but the overall result made up of lap times, technical know-how, and a convincing marketing strategy that earns you a place on the podium.

Continuous innovation, skilful project management, and a strong team are a must. They provide us with numerous opportunities to contribute valuable input. With our well-founded expertise and our many years of experience in consulting for the automotive sector, we assist the team on its way to the pole position. During regular workshops, we draw up strategies for successful project planning, provide initial support for the development of disruptive innovations, and train the students in agile working methods.

The team is currently fourth in the world ranking.

Find out more about KA-RaceIng


Supporting Youth Beach Volleyball

3DSE Beachvolleyballteams

Since 2010 we have been involved with Bavarian beach volleyball – a sport that thrills us!


Athletics plays a key role, especially for our R&D consultants, because it is the perfect and, at the same time, a healthy way to balance our demanding daily work. This is why sports promotion is particularly important to us, in line with the motto:


He who does not move

also moves nothing


At the latest, German beach volleyball went mainstream after the Olympic victory of the men in London 2012 and the women’s rise to the world elite in Rio 2016, and has since enjoyed increasing popularity in Germany.

Just like our core disciplines of innovation and R&D, beach volleyball also requires a high degree of technical and also tactical understanding, as well as a well-functioning high-performance team to be successful. So since 2010, we have become involved with up-and-coming Bavarian beach volleyball talents in particular.

The Bavarian men’s record champions Buchner/Richter and the Bavarian champions Doranth/Hauser and Eierle/Pfletschinger are among our sponsored beach volleyball players. But Clemens Wickler, who became the German champion in 2015 and has since become one of the world’s elite players, was also sponsored.

Our sponsored teams currently play in the upper ranks of Germany: Doranth/Beck, Höfer/Noack, Pfretzschner/Sowa and Pfretzschner/John.

Once every year, our employees and several of the beach volleyball players we sponsor meet at the 3DSE summer celebration and play for the “King and Queen of the Beach” challenge cup. Our commitment to this thrilling sport is worth the effort, even if just for this event, which also reinforces the team spirit of our Team 3DSE.

Meet the teams we sponsor
Pfretzschner/Sowa Doranth/Beck Höfer/Noack

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