3DSE at a Glance

We put together the most important figures, information, and facts about 3DSE for everyone who would like to have a quick overview of who we are.


Company name:
3DSE Management Consultants GmbH
Dr. Armin Schulz and Dr. Stefan Wenzel
Munich, Linz, and Vienna
Partner company:
IPMC Innovation & Project Management Consulting, Paris
Management consulting for innovation and R&D
Core industries:
Automotive, aerospace, defense, transportation, industrial, electronics, health tech and energy

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Do we still have other facets to discover?

Of course the facts and figures listed above are by far not everything there is to know and learn about us. In addition to our professional responsibility as R&D management consultants and our passion for subjects like R&D optimization, profitable innovation, or digitalization of product development, our social commitment is also very important to us. Here we are active in the areas of regional sports promotion and climate protection.

Our social commitment