Stephan Finkel


"With our consulting approach, we go to your hot spots and solve them together as a team, bringing in best practices from a wide range of industries and projects without imposing them on you. Your company with your culture and your employees is always our focus."

About Stephan Finkel

  • Partner at 3DSE with over 18 years of professional consulting experience.
  • Creative mind coupled with mathematical-analytical understanding, a high degree of intuitive power, flexible, empathetic, relaxed, loyal team player.
  • Excellent industry knowledge in Automotive, Transportation, Aerospace, Defence and Security.
  • Content focus on the design, introduction and implementation of (model-based) systems engineering programs. Focus on both process and organizational improvement, change and qualification programs complete the spectrum.
  • Best practices in maturity-oriented product development, design to cost, requirements development and management, transfer of market requirements to product portfolio, project and risk management, project@risk expert, synchro planning and management, digital PEP, design review process. Trainer for "Advanced Systems Engineering Trainings".
  • Author of numerous national and international publications.
  • Studied aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Munich, assistant at the Institute of Astronautics at the Technical University of Munich.Ic