Dr. Tim Sturm


"Our consulting services must be tailored to the specific needs of our R&D customers. This includes the exact dosage of the scope of the external support, the methodical approach as well as the necessary content-related impulses. Only then can we deliver real added value and initiate and support sustainable change in the company."

About Dr. Tim Sturm

  • Partner with over 13 years of consulting experience.
  • Results-oriented, fast-paced and engaging team player with high transfer skills. Loves complex challenges, always has the systematic and sustainable change in the company in focus.
  • Excellent industry knowledge in Automotive (OEM and supplier), Transportation (rail and commercial vehicles, motorcycles), Industrial and Aerospace & Defence.
  • The focus is on increasing the value of products and services in high-tech industries with the main thrusts of reducing complexity and improving quality.
  • Design, initialization and implementation of major change programs at product, process and organizational levels.
  • Best practices in systems engineering, agile and maturity-oriented product development, and preventive quality management. Leading R&D related studies, speaking at R&D related events.
  • Studied Mechanical Engineering at the Ruhr University in Bochum and the Technical University in Munich. Doctoral thesis on systems engineering and preventive quality management at the Graz University of Technology.