Transformation to a powerful, globally oriented product line and RnD organization for inspiring customer solutions

Andreas Hille


Together with 3DSE we have implemented a lean and clearly structured approach to dissolve local business units and transform them into globally as well as end-to-end responsible product lines that efficiently develop today’s products and creatively advance future solutions.


Andreas Hille, Executive Vice President Product Line Management & Engineering,

Founded in 1932, PALFINGER has become a global leader in the most innovative, reliable and economical lifting solutions for commercial vehicles and maritime applications. In 2018, the company generated total revenue of around 1,616 million euros with 10,780 employees.

PALFINGER has grown quickly and successfully in the past. To continue this successful development as well as proactively address future challenges, a new Product Line Management (PLM) & RnD Operating Model (Organization, Processes, Roles, Governance and Culture ) was developed with a cross-functional team and implemented together with further organizational change initiatives from other functional areas. The goal was to define a globally optimized operating model that is balanced between central and local optima, increases efficiencies and synergies and improves the overall output of the RnD organization. In addition, critical competence areas were established for the future, which are available to all product lines globally, and the digital transformation of the entire product life cycle management process was initiated.

This was followed by the coordinated refining and implementation of the new operating model. In addition to refining the content, the necessary cultural aspects were also taken into account. Furthermore, the development of a cross-company development process (PDP) laid the foundations for increasing product maturity, for cross-company collaboration, e.g. by exchanging development artifacts, and ensuring transparent reporting. Based on an analysis of the organization’s abilities, the first step was also to support the development of a Project and Risk Management Office (PMRO).

Full implementation of the organizational and governance structure, processes and roles ensures a fast, high-performing and global RnD engine that can efficiently handle today’s products and drive innovation for future solutions. As a result, PALFINGER is a major step closer to becoming the market leader in all its active markets.

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