Increasing Product Value

Play in your own league when it comes to your customer-value products and services.

Are these your key concerns?


  • What does the perfect product and service portfolio for our customers look like?
  • How can we efficiently master the variance of a broad product portfolio?
  • How can we use modular product systems to react flexibly and quickly to changes in the market?
  • How can we design robust and agile product architectures?
  • How can we master the way customers perceive quality in the digital age?
  • Starting with R&D, how can we avoid costs for insufficient quality?

We have the right solution for you

With our unique combination of technical expertise and extensive experience in successful transformation processes we work together with you to develop a tailored solution that increases the value of your products over the long term. We integrate all other disciplines, starting with engineering. A consistent target system across all levels acts as your guide thereby. With us, you start at the forefront, early on, from the product strategy to the product platform through to quality in the field, which customers can sense. Together we develop the right path for you and give you the tools you need to ensure that you reach your goal. Will you go down this road with us?

The degree of reutilization in a product portfolio still offers considerable potential in many companies. Introducing a scalable modular product system is a highly effective approach to unleashing this potential. We define a suitable platform strategy for you and evaluate it in a business model. The necessary steps for the architecture are identified/derived and a scalable module structure is defined. The changes in the process organization, organizational structure, and the IT infrastructure necessary for establishing the modular approach are developed. We support your entire transition to ensure successful implementation. This can reduce development costs by up to 35%, production costs by up to 20%, and development time for product derivatives by up to 50%.

The expansion of the product portfolio and increasing product individualization lead to a vast internal variance. Mastering this variance is an essential tool for increasing development efficiency. We identify the drivers behind the variance together with you across all system levels so they can then be systematically reduced. At the same time, we use a suitable target system and decision model starting in the early phase of development to avoid internal variance from the beginning. Moreover, we implement mechanisms like clear decision-making procedures, committees, and visualization tools so that you can maintain lasting control of your internal variance. Thanks to these three approaches, component diversity can be reduced by up to 60%.

Quality is increasingly becoming a key differentiator from the competition. In addition, any problems that arise with quality significantly affect the profits and the image of the company. Together with you, already in the early phase of product development, we identify the most important tools both for reducing problems in the field and for preventing insufficient quality. To do this, we not only analyze the available quality data, we also develop and implement sustainable technical, process, organizational, and cultural measures. The measures are continuously quantitatively evaluated with regard to their effect on the defined target system. This can reduce warranty claims in the first two years by up to 20%, long-term quality defects by up to 30%, and concept problems perceived by customers by up to 15%.

High product costs and product costs that are out of control substantially minimize corporate profit. Reasons for this are the increasing requirements for products, increasing product complexity, lacking process standards in development, make-or-buy decisions, changes in the supplier network, and/or changes in new manufacturing technologies. Together with you, we identify all possible causes for excessive product costs throughout the product development process, from the early concept phase through to market launch, and we develop targeted measures. The measures are quantitatively evaluated and strictly monitored with regard to implementation and effectiveness. The effect is ensured in the long term by implementing suitable process standards and methods such as benchmarks, target costing, value analyses, and production-oriented design, for example. This facilitates product cost reductions of up to 15%.

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