Optimizing R&D

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Are these the questions you have been struggling with?

  • How will our R&D become the benchmark in the digital age?
  • How can we radically reduce our development times?
  • How do we streamline our R&D to maximize project performance?
  • How do we consistently align our R&D so that it remains agile?
  • How can we continually increase the efficiency and maturity of our R&D?

We have the right solution for you

With our minimally invasive and emergent approach aimed directly at the pain points, we create true seeds of change. The results are ready-to-use and achieve fast, immediate results. Our solutions are based on the best practices of leading companies from all high-tech industries (best of breed) and are constantly further developed within our living database. We go the whole distance with you, acting as a pacemaker – but we let you cross the finish line by yourself.

Technology cycles are becoming shorter, markets more volatile. Companies must react to market changes or new competitors at increasingly shorter intervals and develop suitable products at higher speeds. This is difficult to do with current R&D approaches; time to market has to be significantly reduced. Together with a specially selected cross-functional team and a special planning technique, we reduce the burden on your current product development process, achieve greater parallelization, and reduce and automate overlap. Based on a critical path analysis, we use our best practices from various industries to identify the key measures for more speed in your product development process. You can balance the risk of high-speed development with our project@risk methodology. This makes it possible to reduce lead times by up to 30%.

Many R&D departments are currently seeing a rapid rise in the number of projects in the R&D portfolio. This forces development managers to significantly streamline their R&D and boost performance while having access to resources that usually remain unchanged. Existing bottlenecks and obstacles need to be quickly identified and removed in order to be successful here. Based on our R&D reference model, which is bolstered by success factors from leading companies in various high tech industries, we swiftly seek out the critical pain points in your product development together with you. We then work with a team of select experts in our product development department to generate solutions that make an immediate impact by using our living database, which is fertilized by best practices. This is how we achieve a demonstrable increase in your development efficiency by up to 25% and make you the benchmark in the digital age.

Better, faster, more efficient. One essential success factor when dealing with advancing digitalization is increasing the speed. For R&D departments, the key to success lies in setting up product development such as to maximize its agility. Our approach for agile transformation of R&D combines principles from lean, flow-based, and agile development with each other, and transfers classic development organizations into effective modules that also develop mechatronic products with maximum agility. This enables us to achieve the highest degree of client orientation and a measurable increase in your speed of development and strength or innovation.

Today more than ever, companies see themselves exposed to the change of strategic framework conditions through, for example, the use of new technologies, the development of new markets, or exponential growth of the development team, as well as mergers and acquisitions. The continual adjustment of the organization to these prospective circumstances thus becomes a significant criterion for success. In our emergent approach to reorganizing R&D departments we combine structural aspects of reorganization, such as focusing on processes and core competencies, with intense involvement of all stakeholders of the reorganization with systematic change management. Best practice organizational forms from market leaders in different high-tech industries and the awareness of essential success factors for optimum sustainable R&D ensure the selection and design of an organizational alternative that is ideal for you. This is how you obtain your customized setup to make your R&D viable for the future.

Projects consist of an ever-increasing number of dimensions. Mastering these dimensions often presents problems for companies. Mastering an increasing number of functions that need to be realized for a growing number of markets in an ever-growing project portfolio that increasingly competes for resources complicates successful project realization many times over. With our multi-dimensional project, program, and portfolio management based on relevant standards – the (P³M) maturity model – we quickly and transparently identify the greatest weaknesses in your P³M. Based on best practices from leading high-tech industries, we eliminate the identified weaknesses together with you and enable you to master the complexity in your projects and significantly increase project success. This way you can reliably monitor all projects – across all dimensions.

Do you know what makes our approach to consultancy special?

Our highly effective approach to consultancy is different than what you have experienced before. We combine behavioral orientation with outstanding expertise and cross-industry R&D best practices.

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