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  • How do we design superior systems and services for future ecosystems?
  • How can we realize the potential of MBSE and digital engineering?
  • How do we get from customer request to optimum system architecture?
  • How do we build system-of-systems competence for mastering highly networked ecosystems?
  • How can we implement SE standards in our R&D?
  • What does our path to becoming a system supplier look like?

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We are reinterpreting systems engineering for the 21st century. With our precise approach, we break down complex ecosystems into controllable units. To do this, we combine the best of both worlds: classical and digital. System competence will make the difference in the future. Using our unique simulation-based approaches, we establish authentic systems thinking in your organization. We are convinced that the future belongs to digital engineering. Are you ready for that?

In the age of digitalization, complexity is rapidly increasing – within individual products and in the way products network with each other. Mastering this complexity immediately – beginning with product development – is what makes the difference, now more than ever. Systems engineering is a holistic and proven approach to developing products in a highly complex environment, profitably and with low risk. However, instituting SE in the traditional sense is no longer sufficient in today’s agile and digital world. SE must be adjusted and reinterpreted specifically for these new challenges. With our wealth of SE expertise, we always find the perfect mix of processes, roles, and tools for you, and support you in the targeted implementation of your individual systems engineering. This is how you obtain tailor-made SE methods, as well as employees who internalize the SE philosophy and methodology, thus bringing your personal systems engineering to life.

In the digital world, value is increasingly created using networked, cross-system functions. The skill of aligning your own value chain with customer-value characteristics and functions is becoming more and more pivotal as a success factor here. So together with you, we ensure that you focus on suitable aspects for your development by creating consistent structures, roles, and processes. In this process we strictly align your organization to be function-oriented and catapult you to the forefront of the market using proven best practice approaches such as implementing feature- and function-oriented maturity management.

For years now, model-based systems engineering (MBSE) has been viewed as a groundbreaking method for accomplishing complex product development tasks. However, it has not yet been extensively implemented in practice. Because when MBSE is successfully introduced in the company, it is about much more than simply selecting a tool and starting the modeling process. A consistent modeling system enables cross-functional and loss-free coordination among different stakeholders in the development process to jointly develop products with high customer value, for example. Basic prerequisites that determine success here are a joint database and the definition of domain-specific views of the model, its abstraction levels, and semantic dependencies amongst one another. Together, we clearly adjust these specifications to the overarching modeling targets and for the specific needs of the affected domains, such that your organization understands, internalizes, and masters the MBSE approach, thus enabling you to consistently apply it in a profitable way. This enables you to take a critical step into the digital future with your company.

Networking is trending. The increasing focus on customer needs constantly results in new digital business models that are characterized by increasing networking between very different products and services. Highly networked ecosystems are the result. Those companies that openly design their product interfaces and take advantage of new partnerships profit from this networking of products within an ecosystem. Establishing cross-industry standards is the central enabler in this process, reducing inefficiencies during integration and communication. One critical success factor is also actively participating in the currently developing ecosystems and thereby setting new standards or efficiently organizing partnerships. With our structured methods and approaches from the systems of systems area, we establish the necessary competencies in your company to master networking in current ecosystems. This transforms you from a spectator into an active and successful creator within the ecosystem.

System for success: It is critical to think in terms of systems to be able to successfully design and develop products today. The days of the silo mentality and pure, heroic expertise are becoming outdated in the rapidly advancing digital age. Especially when it comes to complex complete solutions that require a higher level of partner and supplier integration, systems engineering becomes a success factor. You require both the right competencies and also the right mindset to do this. And these have to be understood and lived by everyone, from the employees in charge of the simplest tasks to the most experienced experts. Our competence programs have been proven time and again and are based on making systems engineering understandable using simulations and use cases. During this process we attach great importance to helping your staff follow this path and take the existing culture, available structures, and strengths into account. We offer change management approaches that give impulses in the right places, empower the staff, and support you on your way to active systems engineering so that the necessary holistic thinking emerges, grows, and becomes anchored in the culture in the long term.

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