Scalable Modular Architecture

Develop scalable modular platforms successfully.

High customer expectations for individual solutions ensure that products must be increasingly specialized and tailored to the customer's specific application. At the same time, growing international competition is putting increased pressure on prices. Scalable modular architectures can help increase the product diversity of a company's own portfolio while keeping internal complexity manageable and thus minimizing costs and risks.

What are scalable modular architectures?

Scalable modular architectures are defined by the stable design principles of the product that can be individualized through the use of interchangeable and reusable systems (modules). Defined and standardized interfaces form the basis for such a modular product architecture.

To be fully effective, organizational and process structures are needed to support and promote the technical methods used to design the product. The use of modules enables a sustainable product portfolio and represents an essential factor for the growth and competitiveness of your company.

Are these your key questions?

Which product architectures fit our future portfolio, and what distinguishes them?

How does the modular design of our products affect the profitability of our company?

What methods exist to find technical solutions for our products?

How do we anchor the methods organizationally in our company in order to benefit from the advantages in the long term?

With a holistic concept, scalable modular architectures can reach their full potential and thus strengthen the profitability of your company. In addition to strategic decisions also require operational methods and solutions. It is important to keep in mind all the elements that contribute to the success of modular architectures.

6 key elements for the successful introduction of scalable modular architectures

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In the 3DSE Platform Reference Model, we address six elements to successfully launch a modular product platform. In addition to the technical design of the scalable modular architecture, the focus is also on strategy, finance, organization, PLM, and change management. At 3DSE, we are experts in architectural work and help you to implement processes and methods for the development of modular products. This enables you to master the increasing dynamics and complexity on the market.


Many of our customers have successfully implemented the scalable modular architecture. Here you will find selected customer reports.

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