Unique R&D Consulting


The best way to be different

is to be better

Manfred Hinrich

Our highly effective approach to consultancy is different than anything you have experienced before. We combine behavioral orientation with outstanding expertise and cross-industry R&D best practices.

Emotion and reason mobilize the organization

Using emergent approaches with behavioral orientation enables us to inspire change within the organization during the transformation process and prevents the feeling that solutions are being forced from the outside. We believe that the key to all successful change primarily lies within the organization itself. Change thus becomes an integral part of the consultation process from the very first day. This is how we ensure highly sustainable change. The intervention mechanisms we use and constantly further develop for behavioral orientation are highly effective and give your change process the right boost. We ultimately want to make ourselves “superfluous” for you.

Superior concepts with targeted best practices prove highly effective: We learn together with you and you learn from us. That is the foundation for coherent and fitting solutions.


Cross-industry R&D best practices enable us to design superior concepts that use the best from many different industries as a starting point, and then make them even better. During this process we use a minimally invasive approach with targeted “injections” to implement only the best practices that are truly relevant for you and combine these with strengths you already have. Often underestimated is the potential of a targeted transfer of the proper best practices from other industries instead of from the competition. It not only ensures tailored solutions that can be integrated in many ways, it also ensures fast and effective implementation. We continually feed our experiences and new best practices into the R&D reference model in our living database. This enables us to consistently provide you with the newest state-of-the-art solutions and show you where you stand compared to others.

3DSE Management Berater-Team

We’re not into dogma

Together with you, we develop the suitable program for extensive and fast implementation of the solutions and support you during its realization. Agile or classic? We’re not into dogma, and believe in combining the best of both worlds to help you achieve your goal as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our consultants make the difference

Our consultants are convincing on all levels and operate as equals, with clerks to top-level decision makers. We are not cool and distant. Instead, we work hard together with you each day anew. At the same time, we also address uncomfortable truths. We are convinced of the fact that successful transformation is only really possible with the right combination of consistent top-down decisions, a mutual process for hammering out solutions, and the mobilization of the entire organization. A radical approach to change begins in the minds of the employees. We create solutions and inspire passion.

Are you interested in an efficient training program in addition to an R&D consultation?

We are your ideal training partners: With our proven and efficient training programs, we can support you as you refine the qualifications of your organization and raise your system competence to a new level.

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