Specialization Meets Industry Diversity

He who ceases to improve stops being good
Philip Rosenthal

We consult corporations and large medium sized companies in high-tech industries that offer engineered products, complex services, or digital business models.

Our clients are often leaders in their industries and yet still want to improve. This is also necessary because all technology-driven industries are faced with enormous challenges determined by digitalization, increasing complexity, and pressure to innovate.

The challenges and the associated problems differ greatly. Yet, in our daily consulting practice, we find again and again that there is tremendous transfer potential, especially between the various industries. What looks different at first glance can be the breakthrough solution after a second look. And this is exactly where we start.

Working with the best – This challenges and drives us, not only to trust the best practices of today, but also to work on the best practices of tomorrow.

  • Aerospace


    An industry reaches for the stars

    The aerospace industry is an international growth sector and is characterized by high-tech and complex mechatronic systems. Measured in terms...

  • Automotive


    Full throttle into the future

    The automobile industry is one of the driving forces of the global economy and is considered the “industry of industries.”...

  • Defence & Security

    Defence and security

    Innovation driver for more security in uncertain times

    The defense and security industry is characterized by very different dependencies such as countries’ defense budgets, political relationships to possible...

  • Electronics


    Completely digitalized and networked

    The electronics industry is characterized by disruptive innovations and by the complete digitalization and networking of its products. This opens...

  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy and utilities

    An electrifying industry

    The energy industry is currently experiencing a trilemma: Security of the supply must be ensured, sustainable energy sources must be...

  • Health Tech

    Health tech

    Where innovative strength can save lives

    The highly dynamic health tech industry is characterized by outstanding innovative strength and short product cycles. However, the industry is...

  • Industrial


    Where the future is produced

    The industrial sector is characterized by very intense competition triggered by advancing globalization. Reinforcing innovative strength and the increase in...

  • Transportation


    Where networking gets things moving

    Despite increased demand for agricultural goods, rising demand for infrastructure solutions, and increasing international trade, the transportation industry is facing...