Decoding R&D Performance

Today’s companies face enormous pressure to reduce costs while increasing innovation and improving customer service and responsiveness.
To cope with these challenges in R&D, first-class performance is required to increase efficiency, reduce time to market, and ensure innovativeness at the same time. Still, a lot of companies struggle to increase R&D performance, as the drivers are complex and depend on each company’s individual situation.
With this study, we want to provide R&D leaders the recipe for taking their R&D performance to the next level.

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Key Questions

  • How to measure R&D performance under today’s challenges?
  • How do companies differ in terms of R&D performance?
  • What are the key levers to achieve a high R&D performance?



  • Proven KPIs to measure R&D performance
  • Cross-industry R&D performance benchmarking
  • Success levers to achieve high performance and related R&D principles
  • Best practices for improvement strategies

Who is the target group of the study?

The study targets CTOs and Senior R&D leaders of technology-driven international organizations from different industries in Central Europe.


What is the methodology?

  • Comprehensive survey based on 3DSE R&D performance model to assess individual benchmark positions
  • In-depth interviews with outstanding participants to share their experience in order to gain further insights into individual success strategies
  • Follow-up reviews with interviewees to discuss their individual benchmarking positions and areas for improvement

Facts and figures

  • More than 100 study participants sharing their expertise
  • April – June 2021: execution period of the survey and in-depth interviews
  • September 2021: results will be presented at 3DSE R&D Management Conference

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