R&D Performance Optimization

Taking R&D performance to a whole new level.

To survive in our networked, dynamic, and increasingly digital world, companies must constantly evolve. And it's no longer just being as efficient or innovative as possible. Successful R&D organizations are also characterized by resilience and a conformity to external and internal requirements.

Taking R&D performance to a whole new level

We help you identify the right measures to increase R&D performance in this area of conflict and to get them under way. In doing so, we are guided by four fundamental strategic directions: disruption, customer orientation, delivery capability and synergy - and work with you to concretize performance and key performance indicators. Experience shows that companies with a clear strategic focus achieve up to seven times better performance in the KPIs relevant to their direction.

Are these questions causing you headaches?

How do we perform compared to other companies?

Where do we need to start to achieve our ambitious goals?

How do we manage to radically shorten our development times?

Where can we leverage efficiencies to save costs?

What does a development organization that makes us fit for the future look like?

We are convinced that 14 capabilities determine the future set-up of an R&D and significantly influence its performance. Depending on the strategic goals you are pursuing, different R&D capabilities are required. We help you identify the capabilities that are right for you and build them for the future. We help you identify the capabilities that are right for you and build them for the future.

14 skills for your successful R&D future


In our R&D optimization projects, we clarify these and many other aspects together with our customers. In doing so, we target the pain points and create true change nuclei through an emergent approach, our more than 20 years of R&D experience, and best practices from all high-tech industries. It is important to us that the results are "ready-to-use" for you and have an immediate effect. As a pacemaker, we are also happy to accompany you during the transformation, thus ensuring the effectiveness of the solutions.


Here you will find selected customer reports on the subject of R&D performance optimization.

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