Innovation development for intelligent transport solutions in the wake of digitalization



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Anja-Maria Sonntag, Head, Transformation Asset Management
SBB Cargo AG

SBB Cargo AG is the rail freight transport subsidiary of the Swiss Federal Railways. In 2015, the company set the goal of automating and digitalizing the processes in rail freight transport in order to be able to ensure competitiveness regarding costs, productivity, utilization, and technological sustainability and in so doing to generate added value for customers. In addition, new intelligent transport solutions were supposed to strengthen the core business.

To reach this goal, SBB Cargo relied on the support of 3DSE Management Consultants. With the help of 3DSE’s ‘Innovation Cell’ approach, an interdisciplinary team worked out solutions to the challenge within 5 days. The first step here was to determine the main success factors, as well as the essential parameters and indicators. The next step focused on customers and their requirements or use cases. Based on the knowledge collected by the team as a whole, a total of 16 solution elements were then generated and described in detail. Using the generated solution elements, three-goal systems were worked out that built on each other chronologically and were then depicted in an implementation roadmap.

SBB Cargo has been working with agile methods since 2015 on the implementation of the developed roadmap for digitalizing/automating rail freight transport. For this purpose, in part, new technologies are developed in cooperation with European national railway companies.

Anja-Maria Sonntag, Head, Transformation Asset Management, SBB Cargo AG, confirmed: “We are pleased that the ‘Innovation Cell’ carried out together with 3DSE was able to lay a foundation for this project.”

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