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In our studies, we deal with current trends and topics in innovation and R&D, which we prepare for you in well-founded, comprehensible documents.

As a thought leader in research and development, our company always follows the latest trends in innovation and product development to provide the best solutions for our customers. To achieve this, we rely on our comprehensive know-how as well as our many years of experience and expertise in this field. We analyze the latest technologies and their applications and prepare our findings for you in comprehensive studies and well-founded documents in an understandable and informative way. In this way, we want to help you keep your finger on the pulse and benefit from the latest developments.

AI_Study EN_fin


22. January 2024

This study generates an understanding of why the maturity of AI implementation varies across different high-tech companies. Specifically, the current status quo of use and the most promising applications (use cases) will be presented.

Systems Engineering Benchmarking Study

30. March 2022

Compare with leading R&D organizations Established OEMs and Tier1 suppliers in the automotive industry are facing major challenges in three areas: new technologies, increasingly complex requirements, new ways of working together. The trend is toward complex and software-based systems that must meet stringent regulatory requirements. Systems Engineering (SE) has proven to be a sustainable approach…

R&D Performance Study

26. March 2021

Today’s companies face enormous pressure to reduce costs while increasing innovation and improving customer service and responsiveness. To cope with these challenges in R&D, first-class performance is required to increase efficiency, reduce time to market, and ensure innovativeness at the same time. Still, a lot of companies struggle to increase R&D performance, as the drivers…

Digitized Customer and Product Service

12. April 2018

Is your customer and product service ready for the future? How companies unleash the benefits from digitalization to improve product uptime.Note: The study is available in English only.

Online survey on the consequent application of MBSE in R&D

15. November 2017

Results of the online survey on potentials, success factors and consequences of a purely model-based development of complex systems.

Lead study digitalization in R&D

01. March 2017

Fint out more about our lead study The subject of digitalization is more relevant than ever for companies in the high-tech industries. But how will digitalization change our future and how can we successfully manage the digital transformation? Which digital challenges will be relevant for the R&D of the future? With our study, we want…