Planning a sustainable and low-CO2 tractor portfolio for 2030

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"3DSE not only provided us with technical support to arrive at objective portfolio decisions, but also gave us the right impetus in terms of internal communication to convince our management of the necessity of the project."


Agricultural machinery OEM

Planning a sustainable and low-CO2 tractor portfolio for 2030

In addition to innovation and technology, sustainability is also part of the self-image of leading international agricultural machinery OEMs. “Reducing CO2 emissions from the product portfolio by 30%” is the ambitious target that has been officially set. As one of the high-volume segments, medium-sized tractors for the European market bear a significant responsibility for achieving this target.

Together with 3DSE and its experience in portfolio management and product architecture design, the existing development portfolio was revised and consistently optimized in the direction of CO2 reduction.

The strategic product portfolio with the corresponding development roadmap was designed in three steps. The first step focused on the future product portfolio and the associated product architectures. In the second step, top management support was ensured on the basis of quantifiable data. In the third step, the corresponding development roadmap up to 2030 was worked out in detail.

“The lack of demand from customers is particularly challenging for us. We are currently not seeing any market pull for CO2 neutral solutions,” said the agricultural machinery OEM’s project manager. Customers are still focused on the good performance of the machines and the total cost of ownership. In addition, unlike the automotive sector, there is still no established CO2-neutral drive technology in the agricultural machinery sector, which expands the potential solution space enormously.

In addition to providing technical support in the areas of product management and product architecture, 3DSE was also able to provide significant support in the area of stakeholder management and bring about quick decisions. The results have already served as the basis for further decisions on development projects and budget allocations for several months. In the course of the constantly changing framework conditions, the plan is continuously adapted to take new findings or external influencing factors into account.

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