Value stream-oriented development at an automotive OEM


"With the value stream orientation of 3DSE, we were able to significantly sharpen the core of our development activities, increase efficiencies and streamline processes."

Automobile OEM


Value stream-oriented development at an automotive OEM

In view of their historically evolved structures, the development departments of all automotive OEMs face various challenges, such as a high level of complexity in the organization and processes, including documentation, as well as a lack of consistency in IT tooling. An automotive OEM has decided to make its processes results-oriented and lean in order to align itself with current and future challenges. Central to this is the realignment with a much stronger focus on work results.

The following results are expected:

  • Increased effectiveness at the working level
  • Increase in development efficiency and speed
  • Establishment of a result- and user-oriented standard in product development

The “Value Stream Orientation” project was set up and implemented together in order to increase the focus on work results, identify overarching optimization potential and measures and bring them to a decision.

The optimization potential and measures are based on the work results (e.g. specifications, test report, etc.) with the greatest effort according to the Pareto principle. For this purpose, the efforts were determined by means of a value stream analysis for each work result across the entire development process. In the first step, the optimization methodology records the problems identified by employees and experts. In the second step, measures to increase efficiency were identified in workshops using generic levers (e.g. sharpening responsibility, standardization, elimination, automation). Effective implementation was ensured by agreeing the measures with established decision-makers.

At the same time, the anchoring of the continuous improvement process in the organization was driven forward. To ensure ongoing quality and optimization, all work results were linked to processes, agreed with the process owners and integrated into process release management. The result was a clearly focused process landscape, clear allocation of work results, focus on users and core value creation.

Thanks to the collaboration with 3DSE Management Consulting, it was possible to minimize non-value-adding activities and tap into efficiency potential of 15% in development. The defined responsibility within the organization serves as the starting point for further continuous improvement. This contributes to securing the company’s success in the long term.

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