Optimizing processes and information flow in the aerospace sector

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"We are satisfied with the way 3DSE used its process development and process description to contribute to the basis for this important project."

Joachim Fuchs

Head of the Software Systems Division

Euorpean Space Agency (ESA)

Optimizing processes and information flow in the aerospace sector

The European Space Agency (ESA) is an international agency that coordinates European space activities.

With the Model-Based Requirements Verification Lifecycle (MARVL) project, ESA has been pursuing the goal of optimizing its processes and the related exchange of information with its suppliers (large system integrators – LSI) and the underlying levels of the supply chain.

In the context of MARVL, ESA received external support with 3DSE Management Consultants to define an appropriate methodology to reduce complexity and ensure consistency in the exchange of data as well as information between the different stakeholders. “Until now, different tools and a variety of models and analysis reports have been used for this purpose, which has led to a high complexity of the data exchange process,” says Joachim Fuchs, Head of the Software Systems Division at ESA, “This is where we wanted to start working together with 3DSE to achieve a significant improvement.”

For this purpose, 3DSE first depicted the higher-level processes that are currently being used and carried out a gap and potential analysis. Based on this, a target process was derived for the exchange of data and information on the assumption of a so-called common information platform (CIP). The CIP supports the networking of design and verification information and requirements as early as possible in the product lifecycle, in order thereby to ensure that the requirements, as well as the resulting product and related information, are easily accessible and navigable. The documentation of the target process was made using a commercially available process modeling tool.

“We are pleased with how 3DSE contributed to the basis for this important project with their process development and description,” said Joachim Fuchs. With the target process defined by 3DSE, the complexity in data exchange is reduced and a channeled data flow via the central exchange platform is ensured. In particular, the consistency of data, models and tool chains as well as the comprehensive, cross-functional definition of data flows between ESA and its suppliers are success factors.

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