User-oriented process structure for HV & energy module production systems

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User-oriented process structure for HV & energy module production systems

The automotive industry is undergoing change due to shifting mobility requirements. Electrification is an important trend here. A leading manufacturer in the automotive industry created the goal of pooling its technological expertise in the field of battery development across the company.

The challenge was to establish and expand production capacities for innovative technologies in the field of high-voltage and energy modules at international locations and to support the achievement of ambitious corporate goals with customized, implementation-oriented processes. This was resulted in conflict between regulatory requirements, the existing process landscape and a constantly increasing number of technological requirements with growing complexity.

To overcome these challenges, a project was set up to develop the process structure and process management in the research and development department. The aim was to implement purposeful processes as quickly as possible. To this end, a SWOT analysis was used to identify the levers with the greatest possible impact on achieving the company’s goals. In workshops, together with the process experts from 3DSE Management Consultants, the relevant work products (work results) were derived, prioritized, and detailed based on the strongest leverage effect.

As a result, a process playbook was developed that serves as a guide for users during implementation. Like a quarterback’s playbook in American football, it serves as a guide for further targeted action. It shows individual process steps, including the required preliminary work and dependencies, and explains the respective responsibilities. In face-to-face events with the involvement of relevant stakeholders, interfaces to surrounding process steps were identified and interactions made transparent. In addition, the experience of 3DSE Management Consultants in results-oriented process design and the highlighted interactions, mentioned above, was crucial in product development.

The tailor-made solutions in the process playbook, developed in close cooperation with the customer, enable a standardized production ramp-up and expansion across all locations.

The global roll-out of innovative high-voltage and energy module technologies is thus prepared with a clear procedure and unambiguous responsibilities.

3DSE Management Consultants GmbH is looking forward to further cooperation with the customer in follow-up projects.

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