Leading R&D divisions in an agile way

Leading R&D divisions in an agile way

In a fast-changing world, leaders of R&D divisions are forced to think about and adapt their way of leading. Smart, fast, precise, and agile are buzzwords you may have heard often. But how does agility change leadership? What behavior can be recognized of agile leaders? And what does this mean for your role as a leader? This article will provide answers to these questions. We aim to give guidance for leading in an agile way.

Current challenges & changes that R&D leaders face

Back in the industrial economy, companies were facing just few competitors with similar business models, closed markets and merely powerless customers. Technology cycles lasted long and the competitive advantage was ensured through lower prices or better performance. Leaders were engaged with their focus on planning, directing and controlling, to maximize their business to achieve efficiency.

Nowadays in our digital economy, companies are facing open markets with competitors from all over the world, empowered and well-informed customers as well as a wide array of so

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Manuel Stephan

Manuel Stephan is a Senior Consultant at 3DSE Management Consultants GmbH in Munich. With more than nine years of experience in R&D and consulting, he has supported companies in transforming and shaping their R&D to tackle todays challenges. His core competencies lie in agile development (scaling and transformation), platform and modularization strategies, and optimization of R&D. He has acquired superior industry experience in automotive, motorcycle, agricultural vehicles and the plant engineering sector.

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