Mobility in transition

The automotive industry is a global growth industry in transformation due to the challenges of carbon neutrality, electrification, connectivity, mobility ecosystems and autonomous driving. As a result of these transformational topics, the industry must deal with an exponential increase of new digital features in cars delivered ‘over the air’, increased competition from new players, cost pressure and shorter development cycles while coping with ongoing supply chain issues.

year on year growth of electric vehicle sales new modular plattforms and breakthrough innovations
autonomous cars hit the roads in 2023 increased complexity needs agile SE, R&D value stream optimization
lines of code in each car by 2025 S/W-centric V DEV, agile SE

2023 priorities/3DSE solutions

3DSE guides clients in mastering system and organizational complexity, to increase speed and efficiency. With a customer-centric and agile approach, leveraging the client’s internal as well as 3DSE expertise, the focus is on sustainable transformation with measurable business impact. Automotive industry expertise is at the core of engagements through the in-house 3DSE team, partners and external industry experts.

Case studies and insights

Value Stream Analysis & Optimization to improve R&D efficiency
Up to 40%
reduction in R&D effort

Focus area:

Enable future viability efficiency in R&D organizations through Value Stream Analysis & Optimization


Key learnings:

    • Up to 40% reduction in wasted R&D effort through focus on core value creation
    • Reduce time to market by 20% through elimination of low impact and time-consuming work products
    • Reduce process complexity by 15%

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Systems engineering in automotive R&D
6 crucial
levers to tackle future automotive R&D challenges

Focus area:

Significantly increase customer value, launch maturity and efficiency by implementing six levers to achieve results highlighted in key learnings

Key learnings:

    • Up to 18% reduction in the development effort
    • Up to 35% reduction of cost of poor-quality
    • Up to 20% additional revenue

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How systems engineering is making a difference

in automotive R&D

4 steps
to focus systems engineering

Focus area:

Automotive industry R&D challenges/systems engineering solutions

Key learnings:

    • 3 major challenges of the industry
    • 8 levers for sustainable implementation
    • 4 steps to focus systems engineering

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Key success factors of today’s management of

software-intensive system development

5 key
success factors

Focus area:

Cross-industry CTO insights

Key learnings:

    • Change
    • Centralized core
    • Synchronized development
    • Leadership
    • No silver bullets

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