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Architecture Excellence: Success strategies for safe, scalable and updateable product architectures

Expert Forum Munich 2023

23. Nov 2023

Smartvillage, München


Strict market-specific regulations and growing customer expectations regarding customized solutions are leading to increasing complexity in products and product portfolios. At the same time, companies are driven to develop and produce products more efficiently due to rising competition and price pressures. In this dynamic environment, a well-structured product architecture plays a crucial role. It helps leverage synergies, reduce complexity, and respond flexible to critical market or customer demands. However, companies need to handle the challenges in the development, maintenance, and scaling of hardware, software, and electrical/electronic architectures.

In our expert forum, we aim to discuss with you how successful companies overcome the challenges of a scalable, safe, and future-proof architecture and what insights can be derived from it.

The following core questions will be discussed during the presentations:

  • What characterizes a “good architecture”?
  • How do hardware, software, and electrical/electronic architectures fit together?
  • What capabilities does an organization need to develop good architectures?
  • How do you shape the path to Architecture Excellence?
  • How can architectures be efficiently secured?
  • What key technologies must be considered in future architectures?

In our expert forum, we would like to share experiences and discuss success factors with you and other experts with implementation expertise. Look forward to exciting contributions from different perspectives and industries. Look forward to exciting contributions from different perspectives and industries.

When: Thursday, Novmeber 23, 2023, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Check-In at 8:00 am
Where:Smartvillage Schwanthalerhöhe, Ganghoferstraße 66b, 80339 München

The participants of the expert forum consisted of selected experts from various industries.

You can find the results on our Summary Card:


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