Innovation Acceleration

Sustainable innovation drives product & business model development for future readiness.

Where do new ideas come from and how do you continue to be prepared for an ever-changing R&D landscape in the years ahead? Innovation management can be a challenge to incorporate into existing company structures without guidance from an expert in this topic. 3DSE can provide the program framework, technical expertise and product prototyping to develop a sustainable innovation ‘engine’ to ensure your organization is ready for the future with a competitive edge.

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3DSE innovation success

High-risk, high-impact challenges are the focus of 3DSE’s innovation acceleration workshops. Key topics for client innovation are organizational redesign to increase performance, product and technology innovation to drive change under time constraints while staying competitive in their field and business model innovation to develop disruption to the status quo and gain market share. This all adds up to finding the ‘breakthrough’ solution to their specific corporate challenges.

Finding that ‘breakthrough’ solution is where 3DSE comes in. Starting with an 8-day intensive workshop built around behavior-oriented innovation, the outcome is a measurable increase in team performance to identify and implement ‘breakthrough’ solutions.

Typically, there are four areas addressed during a consulting engagement:

Shape the innovation strategy

  • Level set current status to build on for the future
  • Perform blind spot analysis
  • Understand the market and technology landscape
  • Derive promising areas of strategic focus

Master innovation and technology portfolios

  • Set up portfolio of promising solutions
  • Explore fields of opportunity
  • Define opportunities for portfolio optimization
  • Evaluate and prioritize portfolio innovation topics

Optimize the innovation engine

  • Introduce an innovation mindset/culture
  • Develop and deliver competency trainings
  • Assess and improve innovation processes
  • Implementation of methods and tools
  • Benchmark company innovation system vs the competitive landscape

Accelerate and scale innovation initiatives

  • Identify breakthrough solutions
  • Create and mature ideas and concepts
  • Analyze problem-solution, problem-market fit
  • Analyze the business case
  • Create an implementation roadmap with different levels

Case studies and insights

use case defense and security
Using Artificial Intelligence for competitive advantage
concepts in 3 days

Focus area:

Reducing jet engine maintenance costs – how MTU reinvented our business in 8 days

Key learnings:

    • Workshop outcome: 3 alternative solutions, roadmap & recommendation
    • Engine fleet management smart system
    • Innovation workshop to market launch in two years

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use case mobile machines
21st century innovation framework
Innovation engine to take
ideas to implementation

Focus area:

Radical and disruptive innovations for future lifting solutions

Key learnings:

    • Culture is the key enabler
    • Combine hardware and software into a turnkey solution
    • Innovation workshop to market launch in two years

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BSH pioneering product vision for the future
strategic lines of action

Focus area:

Working out innovative solution concepts and a pioneering product vision

Key learnings:

    • Pioneering product vision for the brands Bosch, Siemens, and Neff that will significantly increase market
    • Technical innovation to define unique selling points within the competitive landscape
    • Launch of development project to bring new product to market

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use case innovation acceleration
Eight key innovation principles infographic

Foster an innovative mindset
for future success

Focus area:

Eight key innovation principles that foster the innovation mindset in your organization

Key learnings:

    • Identify and implement innovation that will make a difference for future business
    • How to navigate rapid changing markets and new technologies
    • Most important principles for a sustainable innovation mindset

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