R&D Performance Optimization

To survive in our networked, dynamic and increasingly digital world, companies must constantly evolve. And it's no longer just about being as efficient or innovative as possible. Successful R&D organizations are also characterized by resilience and a conformity to external and internal requirements.

shorter time to market
increase in R&D efficiency
reduction in cost incurred due to poor quality

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A roadmap for future competitiveness begins with R&D performance optimization strategy development and an organizational capability assessment. This is followed by a hands-on implementation plan. 3DSE works with its clients to assess current R&D capabilities within their organization and benchmark them against cross-industry players. Based on this initial analysis, a comprehensive plan for areas to address will be developed aligned with current customer challenges and priorities.

The outcome is a strategy and actionable implementation plan to achieve an ‘R&D organization of the future’ based on 14 capabilities for success.

Data intelligence

Utilize data to increase revenue, improve products, services and automation

Portfolio management

Optimize product and service pipeline and manage future R&D core competencies 

Virtual development

Represent products and services virtually by having an integrated tool chain

Organized accountability

Implement end-to-end responsibility for product and service resources

Extended R&D

Work closely with external parties to extend internal competencies

Functional orientation

Structure organizations with customer orientation aligning R&D job functions with customer functions and needs

Empowered decision making

Decentralize decision making to empower employees


Invest early to ensure high levels of technology and architecture maturity

Open innovation

Use an open ecosystem to innovate and collaborate with customers

System orientation

Consider different systems views and enforce systems engineering standards

Entrepreneurial culture

Take advantage of opportunities, mitigate risk and focus on results

Global R&D Footprint

Be close to the customer and markets, leveraging competencies as well as capacities globally

Agile development

Apply an agile approach to product and services development

Modular platform development

Build products and services based on modules and actively manage variants

3DSE R&D optimization projects clarify these and many other aspects together with clients. In doing so, pain points are targeted to create true change nuclei through an emergent approach, with more than 20 years of R&D experience, and best practices from all high-tech industries. It is important that the results are "ready-to-use" and have an immediate effect. 3DSE is also happy to accompany clients during the transformation stages, ensuring the effectiveness of the solutions.

Case studies and insights

Use case wind energy
International market expansion driving need for increased R&D efficiency
increase in R&D efficiency

Focus area:

The company must expand its business to international markets and significantly increase its R&D efficiency

Key learnings:

    • 22% reduction of time to market
    • Increase in liability along the value chain
    • Enabling future-proof solutions within the next 10 years

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use case mobile machines
Optimization of R&D and product management business models
structural cost reduction

Focus area:

Strong company growth through acquisitions resulting in the need for optimization of R&D and product management operating models

Key learnings:

    • Turnkey solutions provider for 30% of product volumes within 3 years
    • Global acting CoE structure with 20% of R&D team
    • Top management buy-in to execute organizational changes

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use case automotive
Impacts of digitization

improvement in engineering efficiency

Focus area:

Digitization requires company to focus more on developing digital services

Key learnings:

    • Develop next-generation product development processes
    • Implement digital age ‘north star’ approach in steps
    • Definition of a new operating model, e.g. value-stream organization

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R&D performance
R&D Performance Study Insight
critical challenges in R&D organizations

Focus area:

Decoding the R&D Performance Study

Key learnings:

    • How to measure R&D performance within today's challenges
    • Analysis of how different companies address R&D performance
    • What are the key levers to achieving high R&D performance

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